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Concerto del Teatro Satanico nell’ambito del festival europeo Hradby Samoty (Mura di Solitudine) IV a Brno (Repubblica Ceca), che si terrà nei giorni 5 e 6 del prossimo Luglio.

Il festival si terrà all'interno del castello Veveri e presenterà anche esibizioni dal vivo di ALLERSEELEN, DEUTSCH NEPAL, BLOCKSHOLM, RAISON D’ETRE,  OF THE WAND & THE MOON, ALFARMANANIA, LAHKA MUZA, TABOR RADOSTI, INSTINCT PRIMAL ed altri ancora

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Live special appearance of TEATRO SATANICO @ Hradby Samoty (Walls of Solitude) IV European festival in Brno (Czech Republic ),  days 5 and 6 of nextcoming July 2013.

The festival will be located at Veveri castle and it will feature also ALLERSEELEN, DEUTSCH NEPAL, BLOCKSHOLM, RAISON D’ETRE,  OF THE WAND & THE MOON, ALFARMANANIA, LAHKA MUZA, TABOR RADOSTI, INSTINCT PRIMAL and many others

Here are some links:

official page: http://hradbysamoty.org/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hradby-Samoty/230307297058091?fref=ts

event fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/202828126508878/

event last.fm: http://www.last.fm/festival/3441113+Hradby+Samoty+IV

castle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veve%C5%99%C3%AD_Castle

youtube teaser by KALAMUN (Teatro Satanico youtube channel) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWOlqAfBJco

Press Release:

Hradby Samoty (Walls of Solitude) IV.

Experimental audio-visual art festival

In the beautiful natural surroundings of Morava, at the conflux of Svratky and Veveří rivers, there stands an ancient castle, which origins date back to the thirteenth century. During two July days and nights - 5. – 6. 7. 2013, it will become the stage for the fourth annual audio-visual festival HRADBY SAMOTY, focused mostly on electronic, but also electro-acoustic and acoustic music, which, in an enviroment pulsing with history, galvanizes in a curious blend of old and new. In one of the most vast Moravian castle areas, on two stages, you will have the opportunity to witness an ensemble of the best of the world and domestic scene with genres spanning from neo-folk, trough dark ambient, idm, drone, to more experimental industrial and noise rhythmic and arhythmic soundscapes. A novelty compared to the previous festival years will be a focus towards more dance-oriented music and festival attenders will be able to enjoy themselves to the very morning.

Top artists of their respective genres will be present at Veveří, such as Denmark’s romantics with their melancholic, folk-noir project OF THE WAND & THE MOON, or Austrian project ALLERSEELEN combining old military songs with an industrial aesthetic in their production. A plethora of distinct northern projects is represented this year by Swedish industrial/dark ambient legend RAISON D’ETRE, considered among the very first bands of this orientation. Another Swedish bard, DEUTSCH NEPAL will attend as well, and coincidentally, this artist shares the same name as the leader of Raison d’Etre and on top of that, both hail from the same city, so this conjuncture led to a collaboration in the form of occasional project called BLOCKSHOLM. Since both protagonists will meet on the festival, you will have a unique opportunity to see this project live.
Sound delicacies galore, electrizing chills in your spine will be brought to you by ALFARMANANIA, originally a power electronics/noise solo project of Christian Olson from the legendary Survival unit. Southern latitudes will be represented by the bizarre Italian cabaret TEATRO SATANICO, active since 1993. The music of this group is difficult to classify, containing experimental, as well as dramatic, ritualistic or saltatory, even pop elements fused in a single captivating entity.

Considering the, by now, traditional numerous representation of Czech and Slovak scenes, you will be able to enjoy the performance of goths from the band ĽAHKÁ MÚZA and industrial-noise legends EINLEUTUGSZEIT and NAPALMED. On a journey to dreamy, ambient landscapes will take you TÁBOR RADOSTI and INSTINCT PRIMAL. Ambient will definitely be buried by noisers from the Bratislava‘s Urbsounds collective RBNX and URBANFAILURE, to rise once more from the ashes in the rather original form of Bratislava‘s experimentators CHARMING ASSISTANT. There won’t be a lack of large collective improvisations, like Prague’s laptopists OPENING PERFORMANCE ORCHESTRA or a conjoint performance assembled under the platform HLUKOVÁ SEKCE – a collaboration of projects GARASU, 900piesek, DRÉN, NOISE MORTANNA and NAPALMED. The aforementioned “fun till dawn” wil be covered by Bratislava’s LAZY BASTARDS SOUNDSYSTEMS and DJs DIGIMURDER, VIKTOR and SANDMAN.

Besides the opportunity to view castle Veveří, a collection of photographs on the theme of urban archaeology will be displayed under the name OPUŠTĚNÁ MÍSTA (abandoned places), which is the result of an extensive survey and documentation of cities, factories and buildings built by man and subsequently, abandoned. No castle festivity would be complete without food and drink, of course. Traditionally, both the needs of carnivores and vegetarians will be satisfied. The relatively close proximity of the festival grounds to Brno city make the event easily accessible for visitors, which will have the option of camping near the castle. Number of tickets is not limited and 2 euros from every ticket are donated to the reconstruction and conservation of castle Veveří.
One final, small question: How many festivals to which you can travel by boat do you know? 

Date: 5. - 6. 7. 2013
Place: Veveří Castle
Tickets: 25 EUR/666 Kč pre-sale; 30 EUR/800 Kč  on place
Info: www.hradbysamoty.org   



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