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Teatro Satanico in Dresden &&& Italian language review of THE CROSS by Khem &&& nextcoming releases by LUNUS and ROMA AMOR featuring Devis G. &&& notice of Lunus gig in Padua is untrue

Teatro Satanico Live in Dresden, in May 3, 2014

@ OSTRALE-Bühne, OSTRAGEHEGE Futterställe, Messering 8, Dresden

laptop-punk & post-industrial-pop tunes


psychic noise core

cello based drone & experimental music

Free-style improvisation and noise music

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Italian language review of  THE CROSS by Khem, post-industrial project featuring Devis Granziera ( ) in issue number 402 (February 2014) of  ROCKERILLA  ( )

Recensione di THE CROSS dei Khem, progetto post-industriale con Devis Granziera ( ) nel numero 402 (Febbraio 2014) di ROCKERILLA  ( )

The Cross
Old Europa Cafe

Una sfida in odore di golpe filosofico e rito alchemico ad un tempo, fors'anche di squarcio post-situazionista che innerva concetti e postulati secondo il codice etico dei Khem, ossia di Zos (concept, testi) e Devis Granziera (musica, produzione), con il contributo del magus Roberto Milusic Migliussi in 3 brani. L'obliqua dizione erratica dei paesaggi elettronici elaborati nelle 11 tracce di The Cross fa il paio col respiro eretico dei temi-proclami sviluppati in corso d'opera, dando luogo ad un crocevia di snodi dialettici che spaziano dall'allarme sociale all'esoterismo alla punk-avanguardia allo gnosticismo... Energie psichico-vibrazionali intrise di magick che trascendono i confini della musica e del gesto sonoro per virare oltre, VERSO L'ABISSO.

Aldo Chimenti


nextcoming release (digipack cd) by LUNUS (solo project by Devis Granziera of Teatro Satanico)



LUNUS at his beAst monochrome stark harsh beat & anti-drone musick.
For those who do not have memory Lunus is the solo project of Devis "deviLs" Granziera of Teatro Satanico.
And indeed here, among these gloomy tracks, you may find the bitter essence of older Teatro Satanico recordings.
Industrial noise reverberations and echoes emerging before dissolving once again to leave tense heavy beat.
And then strands of bursts of unbridled synthetic mangling.
And subsequently wisps of melancholic alien tones and shadows.
NIHIL is the nothing that Death brings.
Nothing that will never go away, like a blurry recall from blackest emptiness, like a deep dark blood-spilling slash in your soul, a souvenir from Hell and an album of bleak, desperate, sad, doomed beauty.
Comes as a luxurious Digipack with cover art by Italian maestro Saturno Buttò ( )


nextcoming release by ROMA AMOR featuring Devis Granziera as special guest :

CD album in a limited edition of 300 copies. | gg183
11-cut new release that ranges from mid-tempo accordion neocabaret postfolk to mid 80's new wave and pop. Black painted catchy songs with Roma Amor trademark and more: smoky voice and emotional accordion next to drumbeat, weird percussions, piano and synth sounds. “On The Wire” includes the   full SPQR 10 inch from 2012, here remixed and remastered with slighty different vocals and arrangements on some tracks, plus 6 unissued songs of dark-flavoured music brewed with a lot of influences. Comes into an elegant creamy digipack with vintage biker photos over Alps in Österreich.

Italian distribution by Old Europa Cafe:



In rete circola la notizia su di un concerto di LUNUS che sarebbe stato programmato per il 28 Marzo 2014 a Padova.


Con negligenza e superficialità l'organizzazione ha scelto di diffonfere tale voce prima di avere concluso un accordo coll'artista.
Dato che non e stato raggiunto nessun tipo di accordo non ci sarà proprio alcun concerto dal vivo di Lunus il 28 Marzo 2014, a Padova.


Online you may find a notice about a LUNUS live-gig that have been scheduled on 28th March 2014 in Padua (Italy).


Negligently  and nonchalantly  the management choose to  spread this rumour before the deal has been actually made with the artist.
Not any  actual kind of agreement has been done, so, as a consequence, there will be not any live-gig by Lunus in 28th March 2014, in Padua.