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TEATRO SATANICO live in Milan April 20th 2013 &&& some few other news...

Concerto del TEATRO SATANICO a Milano in programma per il giorno 20 Aprile 2013, alle ore 22.30, presso il TNT CLUB

Apriranno la serata i "Der Feuerkreiner"

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TEATRO SATANICO live performance in Milan scheduled for April 20th, 2013, 10.30 pm, at TNT CLUB

Opening act by "Der Feuerkreiner"

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via VICE ITALIA web-magazine  FREE DOWNLOADABLE mp3 compilation featuring a track by Teatro Satanico


FREE DOWNLOADABLE mp3 compilation featuring an unreleased track by LUNUS ( solo project of Devis deviLs Granziera of Teatro Satanico)

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Spanish tape-label ANGOISSE had released, in 2012, a VHS-box with two audio-cassettes by LUNUS.

Title of such release was " Slaughter Tracks 1993-1996 " since the two tapes collected a selection of tracks previously released by Marco Corbelli's Slaughter Productions from 1993 to 1996.


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