March 2013 newsletter


TEATRO SATANICO new releases &&& BUBKA ZINE 01 in Bassano del Grappa (VI), March 16th 2013 &&& THE OWL youtube video teaser plus nextcoming releases

out now  " TEATRO SATANICO Défends-moi de la superficialité " T-shirt 


BLUE colour

it comes with the TEATRO SATANICO logo, including the famous "little Devil"

plus the first line taken from the opening song of nextcoming 2013 Teatro Satanico BLUE vinyl release
" Défends-moi de la superficialité " ( French for "Defend me from the shallowness" )

you can see a couple of pics here pics :

copie di questa T-shirt saranno disponibili per il live presso il TNT club, a Milano, in programma per il 20 Aprile prossimo ( )


out now  " CONFESSO TUTTO! ... e non vivo più! " 

limited edition 33 numbered copies audio-cd-r

cardboard folder packaging sealed wih a sticker featuring full-color illustration and graphic artwork by Ale Pop ( )

total lenght 42.00 minutes

this disc contains 4 live-recorded versions of 1993 track "Confesso Tutto!"

since we are not going to live perform this peculiar track anymore, this is clearly the last chance you got for hearing how this 1993 old track sounded when it was played live by Teatro Satanico thorughout the past years

for pics and more details :


Presentazione BUBKA ZINE 01 (underground art magazine: ) a Bassano del Grappa (VI), il prossimo giorno 16 Marzo 2013, dalle ore 18.00 alle 21.00, presso EIGHTBALL, in Via Schiavonetti 22. In concomitanza con la presentazione una esposizione di "Sacramento Serigrafie" con lavori di : dast . giordano poloni , pixel pancho.
Questo particolare numero di BUBKA ZINE 01 contiene anche un articolo di Devis "deviLs" Granziera su di un topYco argomento di (oc)cultura SatanicKa.

Public talk as presentation of BUBKA ZINE 01 (underground art magazine: ) in Bassano del Grappa (VI), in March 16th 2013, from h. 06.00pm till 09.00 pm, at EIGHTBALL, street-address Via Schiavonetti 22. Along there will be a "Sacramento Serigrafie" exhibition featuring artworks by : dast . giordano poloni , pixel pancho.
This peculiar BUBKA ZINE 1issue contains a featuring by Devis "deviLs" Granziera about SatanicK (oc)cultural topYc.

Info su bubka al sito :

bubka zine :

A collection of works
for a bitter fanzine that springs from the underground.
It is a jump downwards, a melancholy atmosphere,
a shout for anger, a violent stroke that makes fun of the life on earth.
Illustrators and photographers coming from different paths,
put together in 72 pages to be observed,
read and swallowed with their inner truth.
These images are the illustrated story
of the same mood in its different forms.

sacramento serigrafie :
Sacramento is a screen printing studio.
It's a selection of artists from different backgrounds that gravitate between
different branches of underground culture.

lavori di : dast . giordano poloni , pixel pancho.


Kalamun uploaded on youtube a youtube video teaser of " THE OWL ", a track featured in nextcoming Teatro Satanico blue-vinyl release

this is just a short sample from one of the track featured in " XX ", next Teatro Satanico vinyl LP that is going to be released by NEDAC EDITIONS

the label planned its release for nextcoming 20 April, the day before of the traditional date of Rome foundation, and hopefully we will be able to introduce it for our nextcoming live gig in Milan ( )

Within next weeks Kalamun is going to upload some more video-teasers of other tracks featured in XX

if you wish to see them, from time to time, check these web-pages:


forthcoming LUNUS release, featuring N. (aka D. Tozzoli)  through OLD EUROPA CAFE

more infos will follow next time

but in the meanwhile you can hear some mp3 samples here:


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sooner or later we will surely reply to any sensible letter.

that's all folks!

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