LIVEd Teatro Satanico in RESANA (Italy) 21st June 2020 SUMMER SOLSTICE &&& New Teatro Satanico merch &&& late side-projects and related releases &&& MMXX double vinyl album by Mauro Martinuz (Teatro Satanico guitar player) and MEPHISTOPHELES grand t

resana 21 Giugno 2020

21st June 2020, Summer Solstice in CoViD time ...

In Summer Solstice night Teatro Satanico played live, in a very small theatre, to an audience made of just a bunch of fiends… CoVid is still out there and we celebrate our pagan day safely and with no risk

as for the last gigs Teatro Satanico played only and exclusively tracks from THE TUNNELS OF SET

known we refuse to play old repertory tunes at all !!!

A cam-operator recorded the performance and hopefully we'll be able, as sooner, to provide some visual documentation too…

more infos will follow…


Following Left-hand Path inspiration, according to THE TUNNELS OF SET glyphs and our own Satanical mood we printed some new t-shirt and caps

T-shirts available as SIZE : XS – S- M – L -XL

also few XXL ones for Kurgasiax black t-shirt only

All t-shirts are 100% cotton fabric, silk-screen printed on the chest and also silk-screen printed on the left sleeve

Caps are military type ones, made from 100% cotton fabric. Size is adjustable using the velcro strap on their back, so they perfectly fit

They come with silver-on-black TEATRO SATANICO - THE TUNNELS OF SET patch on side LEFT and silver-on-black THE TUNNELS OF SET glyphs silk-screen print on side RIGHT

you may find them here:

Sizes and models are those ones listed in our website shop only



is the title of a tape-cassette album that contains the recording of the score specifically composed and live performed by Devis Granziera (of Teatro Satanico) to a screening of THE COLOR OF POMEGRANATES movie by Sergei Parajanov done in November 7th 2019 at "Cineporto" of Bari (Italy).

We do not got copies available, but you can get one directly to the Italian label that pressed it:

That same label pressed also a tape-album cassette with the complete recording of a live performance by Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue) in Massafra (Italy) , May 18th 2002.

The tape-album title is MORS IN MASSAFRA (Latin for DEATH IN MASSAFRA)

The audio had been edited by Devis Granziera (of Teatro Satanico) combining recording taken from the main mixer but also from another portable recorder that was placed nearby the stage by one guy of the management, so it is a bit longer (and possibly better) than other previous unofficial bootleg release.

Indeed this one is an OFFICIAL RELEASE, AUTHORIZED BY MARCO CORBELLI HEIRS and pressed by the guys who managed the gig in 2002.

In order to get a copy write to:


is the title of a tape-cassette album that contains the recording of the score specifically composed and live performed by Devis Granziera (of Teatro Satanico) to a screening of THE COLOR OF POMEGRANATES movie by Sergei Parajanov done in November 7th 2019 at "Cineporto" of Bari (Italy).

We do not got copies available, but you can get one directly to the Italian label that pressed it:


some OTHER RELEASES that Devis Granziera (of Teatro Satanico) edited and mastered

---- Savage Weapons by TAINT

---- Torturous Chapter by BLACK LEATHER JESUS

---- Bleeding Headwound by RICHARD RAMIREZ

some copies available also here:

ABOUT OUR WEBSHOP, please, mind that we got available only what is listed.
Please mind also that many older releases are not more available from us, so do not ask them.


"MMXX" è il titolo di un album, un doppio vinile da collezione che è attualmente in fase di incisione e mixaggio. Prodotto da Anagoor, contiene nel primo disco, LIBER I, vent'anni di musica e sound design composti da Mauro Martinuz per le più celebri creazioni teatrali della compagnia teatrale Anagoor (Magnificat, Lingua Imperii, Socrate il Sopravvissuto, Orestea...), e nel secondo disco, LIBER II, la registrazione della performance del Secondo Libro dell'Eneide di Virgilio eseguita da Marco Menegoni al Piccolo Teatro di Milano nel 2016.

Il disco sarà disponibile presso ANAGOOR ( ) oppure presso le prssime date del MEPHISTOPHELES Grand Tour

eine Grand Tour
2 luglio 2020 
- prima assoluta - 
Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
17-18 luglio 2020
XL - Hyperlocal
Centrale Fies
Dro, TN
7 agosto 2020
Operaestate Festival Veneto
Bassano del Grappa, VI
28-29 agosto 2020
1-4 settembre 2020
Kunstfest Weimar
Sotto il nome di Mephistopheles, Anagoor raduna il materiale video raccolto tra il 2012 e il 2018 in un viaggio per immagini attraverso le lacrime del mondo, musicato in un live set elettronico da Mauro Martinuz. Un Grand Tour nelle zone buie del cosmo, lì dove scaturiscono la tenebra e le sofferenze delle generazioni, il rapporto dell’uomo con la natura, il tempo, la tecnica e l’assoluto. L’enorme quantità di immagini inedite trova composizione in questo volo e caduta in forma di concerto cum figuris.


giorno buio

21st December 2019, Winter Solstice night, from h. 21.00 till ...

Teatro Satanico LIVE ( please mind that Teatro Satanico are going to play live tracks only and exclusively from the latest album THE TUNNELS OF SET : no repertory tunes at all !!! )

@ SPAZIO ZEPHIRO in via sile 24, unità 23, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

- dalle 21.00 in poi....
- no dress code
- entrata gratuita con tessera Zephiro



▪ SNARE DRUM EXORCISM (Teatro degli Orrori, Bunuel)







Mauro Chiarotto
Nicola Giunta
Devis Granziera
Elena Ketra
Roberto Migliussi

more infos here:

LIVE Teatro Satanico in MOSCOW (Russia) 2nd November 2019 &&& LIVE Devis deviLs Granziera in BARI (Italy) 7th November 2019 &&& LIVE Necrophonix (Teatro Satanico side-project) 30th November 2019 in DUEVILLE / VICENZA (Italy) &&& New albums...

2nd November 2019, h. 23.00

Teatro Satanico live @ MUTABOR

улица Шарикоподшипниковская дом 13 стр 32, Moscow (Russia) 115088

within µ Rituals festival

too many other projects and bands to name them all…

so you can get more infos here:

about us, well, we are going to play live tracks taken exclusively from our new album THE TUNNELS OF SET (see below) : no repertory tunes allowed!!!

mutabor 2 novembre 2019


7th November 2019, h. 20.30

Devis Granziera live @ CINEPORTO di Bari presso la Fiera del Levante, Lungomare Starita 1 , BARI (Italia)

all'interno del festival Eicoolsat - "Acquology. Oceano Interiore_MarTe"

Musiche elettroniche su cinema d'autore.
Nelle sedi dei cineporti di Puglia, Bari e Lecce, 2 appuntamenti di cinema d'autore sovietico risonorizzato dal vivo da compositori di musica elettronica sperimentale.
Il primo appuntamento a Bari giovedì 07 novembre con il film "Il colore del melograno" di Sergej Parajanov, 75 min. , 1968, risonorizzato dal vivo da Devis Granziera (Lunus, Teatro Satanico, Necrophonix) con interventi di Leandro Pisano e Gemma Lanzo.

eicool novembre 2019


30th November 2019, h. 21.00

NECROPHONIX (Davide Tozzoli " N. " + Devis Granziera del Teatro Satanico)

live @ Cinema Teatro Busnelli, Via Dante, 30, 36031 Dueville / VICENZA (Italia)

all'interno del festival ELECTROFF 02 : SHAKESPAWN

Info + dettagliate qui

electroff 02 novembre 2019



new 2xCD album by TEATRO SATANICO

released by OLD EUROPA CAFE

It was a long time ago that Teatro Satanico delivered some Ritual post-industrial noise, and many aficionados were waiting for a their return to their primal and raw analogue sounds...
Well, now THE TUNNELS OF SET catch Teatro Satanico in one of their beAst raw magicKal act.
Inspired by a book of Kenneth Grant, this Satanick Musick will walk you down the tunnels of the darker realms reflecting the inherent shadow side of the Tree of Life. Combining analogue organic drones with shamanic percussive elements, dark ambient textures with harsh noise blasting, black ritual spells with kosmische layered lines, these Teatro Satanico tracks blur the boundaries between MagicK, MusicK and Consciousness.
All musick by TEATRO SATANICO featuring additional contributions by magician and musician Roberto Milusic Migliussi , Frl. Tost from Novy Svet Austrian duo, internationally acclaimed electro-acustic music maestro Simon Balestrazzi , Giovanni Mori of LE COSE BIANCHE Italian noise act, and Cosey Sforza from Apulian Kollettivo KHEM.




---- DEISON + DEVIS - Uncut

EP mini CD-r, limited edtion, released via OLD EUROPA CAFE ( oecdr070)
After their first collaboration in 1997, Cristiano Deison and Devis Granziera (Devis is probably better known for TEATRO SATANICO), two historical names of the Italian experimental industrial scene find themselves together again for a new collaborative work. An EP entitled “Uncut” where intriguing rhythms and complex structures are wrapped with rough sounds, unsettling voices and a swarm of cybernetic noise. 100 copies (CD-r Uncut) with minimal art-work in transparent Jewel-Case & Sticker. Sounds assembled and recorded during January 2019. Mastered by Devis Granziera at Devils Home Studio in Bassano del Grappa (Italy)
2. H

---- Necrofilia - Necrofilia
(Devis Granziera + Marco Corbelli)
Limited to 40 hand-numbered copies audiocassette edition. Housed in a black jute bag.


She It
Rot Und Tot

released by Death in Venice Productions

---- NECROPHONIE - Live in Tokyo
(Devis Granziera + Marco Corbelli)

Recorded live in Tokyo on 3rd December 2006
LIMITED 50 COPIES Hand Numbered
released by Death in Venice Productions

NECROPHONIX – Tavola Anatomica XI

Full-length cd-r album released by TAVOLE ANATOMICHE
The series of Tavole Anatomiche (anatomic tables) is mainly based on the engravings of Giulio Casseri and Andrea Vesalio.
Each Tavola Anatomica (anatomica table) is entrusted to a different artist, which provides his particular vision of the theme.
Each Tavola, belonging to a series, has a common part (the cover face and the back -this one different for the notes only-) and a different part for each artist (the inside of the table with anatomical engraving).
The covers are printed on paper of 200 grams, closed with dimensions of 13,50x21,70 cm. about 40.50x21.70 cm. about. In the center of each table there is a small appendix with the incision of a different anatomical detail that is different for each volume of the series.
The front of the cover in cutted on the center, and has a different cut for each volume, which allows you to see a part of the inner anatomy.
The cover is sealed with a fabric tape that holds a plexiglas blade and plastic needle with black thread.
Inside the cover are some small inserts related to historical images of the anatomies, and two cards with the copy number (each copy has a double insert with number of copy), all is collected with a piece of gauze closed with a patch. One of the coy number is a toe tag with a black ribbon.
Each Tavola Anatomica is strictly limited to 36 nunbered copies, and has different color of plexiglas blade, ribbon and plastic needle, and a different form of cut on front cover.

This table
Plexiglas blade: white
Ribbon: azure
Plastic needle: blue
Cut on cover: rectangle

Necrophonix are Davide Tozzoli and Devis Granziera
All these tracks have been specifically conceived and composed for Italian industrial music festival Destination Morgue X (The Last Edition)
All tracks recorded in Calvario Studio and in Devils Home Studio, except Necroma 07, recorded live at Whishlist Club, Rome, November 3rd 2018
Audio mastered by Devis Granziera at Devils Home Studio

Tavole Anatomiche:

---- LUNUS - The Slaughter Years (1993-1996)

Full-lenght cd-r album released by BeTon & Death In Venice productions

Limited edition 40 copies.

This is a selection made by Lunus himself of tracks previously released by Slaughter Productions.

The package is completely handmade.
Cdr is housed inside a metallic box made with steel wire. Ourside the box there are five nails joined together and cut from a reel for a nail gun. The nails are spray-painted red (effect blood, torn from the flesh), and on the head of the five nails are written the five letters that make up the name Lunus.
Inside the metallic box there are two black envelopes, one for the cdr and one for the two inserts.
One insert has dimensions of 12 x 12 cm. about, in high quality paper thickness 250 grams, wich reproduces the ancient drawing of a death that pulls with the crossbow; the other one is a mini poster with dimensions 31,50 x 21 cm. about, in high quality paper thickness 120 grams, which reproduces the engraving by William Hogarth "The Reward Of Cruelty", taken from the series of engravings "The Four Stages Od Cruelty", and from which Marco Corbelli extracted the detail to create the Slaughter Productions logo. Also the surface of the cdr reproduces the detail used by Marco Corbelli for his label.
All tracks previously released by Slaughter Productions
Tracks 02, 04 and 07 from "Necro Sintesi", Atrax Morgue / Lunus split cassette tape (SPT04, 1993)
Track 06 from "Beating The Meat", compilation cassette tape (SPT08, 1993)
Tracks 01, 03, 05, 10 and 11 from "Necrophiliac Experience", Atrax Morgue / Lunus split cassette tape (SPT16, 1994)
Track 08 from "Slaughter Age 95" compilation cassette tape (SPT39, 1995)
Track 09 from "Extreme Pleasures II" compilation cassette tape (SPT56, 1996)
Artwork and executive productions by Vintras and Antonio Benini

BeTon Net:
Death In Venice Productions:

---- Favaron + LUNUS – Computer Tapeworm

Audiocassette released by St.An.Da. 1915

Limited to 60 copies.

All noises, except for voices, originate from C64 and Vic20 computer programming tape cassettes.
No synths were harmed in the making of these audio-recordings.


If... Then... Else...


Catch Fire




---- KHEM – Magma 4

Full-lenght album released by Show me Your Wounds production & Luce Sia

Limited 190 copies cd edition + digital download

Musik, synths, production & mastering: Devis Granziera
Concept & words: Cosimo 'Zos' Mungheri
Electric guitar: Antonio Iacca
Alto sax: Cosey Sforza

LIVE TEATRO SATANICO 22nd December 2018 &&& LIVE NECROPHONIX (Teatro Satanico side project) 30th November 2018


22nd Decmber 2018, h. 20.30

Djinn+ Teatro Satanico + Bad Sector

live @ Cinema Teatro BUSNELLI, via Dante 30, DUEVILLE / VICENZA (Italia)

part of ELECTROFF festival

more infos here:



30th November 2018, h. 20.30

NECROPHONIX (Davide Tozzoli " N. " + Devis G. "Teatro Satanico")

live @ Teatro RESTA, piazza Garibaldi, MASSAFRA / TARANTO (Italia)

part of Cro 49 _ Acquology. Oceano Interiore

more infos here:

LIVE Teatro Satanico &&& Rumori Sacri

dirtmor 2018

May 11th 2018

Teatro Satanico + Niedowierzanie + Escama Serrada + Coàgul

live @ DIRTMOR , via Pisa 13 b , TREVISO (Italia)

parte di Nuova Musica Elettronica - Festival di Musica Nova in Dirtmor

"informi notti infinite
nuovi esseri in un futuro prefissato
sullo schifo si scatenano i cavalli, spinti verso un punto senza sonno."

● Giovedì 10 Maggio

● Venerdì 11 Maggio

● Sabato 12 Maggio

Este próximo viernes 11 de Mayo del 2018 tendrá lugar la presentación de "MEGABOMB", un split a cuatro bandas que publica el sello francés Obscène et Anémique en formato cassette. La premisa básica para este recopilatorio era que los músicos participantes, todos pertenecientes al contexto de lo que se ha venido a llamar música electrónica post-industrial, aportaran temas que sacaran a relucir su lado más "bailable" dentro de sus límites estilísticos. Para tal efecto, la presentación consistirá en las actuaciones de los cuatro proyectos centrándose en la ejecución del material que cada uno haya aportado a la cinta.
Sin más preámbulos, estos son sus nombres:

TEATRO SATANICO (Venecia, 1993)

NIEDOWIERZANIE (Marsella, 2008)

ESCAMA SERRADA (L'Ametlla del Vallès, 2008)

COÀGUL (Barcelona, 2009)

El lugar elegido será el circulo DIRTMOR de la ciudad de Treviso (italia)


rumori bellaria


3 maggio 2018
Ore 20,30
S. Mauro Pascoli (FC)
Via Bellaria 2778

Ingresso gratuito
Wodospad si sta muovendo verso il prossimo passo.

Un nuovo brano verrà eseguito dal vivo in una cornice suggestiva come quella di un bosco.

A seguire Lunus Devis G. presenterà il libro di cui è uno degli autori: Rumori sacri (End of Kali Yuga editions a cura di Alessandro Papa), in cui racconterà un lato poco conosciuto della musica italiana ovvero la scena post-industriale che dagli anni Ottanta è ancora viva tra esoterismo, rivolta, produzioni autonome e live oltre la cortina di ferro e all'interno dei confini nazionali.

Possibilità quindi (come è ormai nello stile di Wodospad) di ascoltare musica, parlare di letteratura, vedere video e foto d'epoca in un contesto un po' particolare.
Siamo fiduciosi che il cielo sarà dalla nostra parte il 3 maggio.
Se non dovesse esserlo, l'evento si terrà comunque in un luogo apposito a 5 minuti dal bosco.

Possibilità di parcheggio gratuito in loco, ma siate puntuali!
Chi arriva dopo le 20,30 dovrà entrare nel bosco da solo!


cvumclave 2


2 Giugno 2018
dalle ore 14,00



Una giornata interamente dedicata al mondo dell'esoterismo e dell'occultismo con conferenze, spettacoli, esposizioni artistiche ed espositori del settore.Dopo il successo della prima edizione abbiamo deciso di scrivere un nuovo capitolo.
Occvlt Cvmclave è un'occasione in cui studiosi, liberi ricercatori e curiosi possono incontrarsi per confrontarsi e arricchirsi l'un l'altro.
Il tema di questo Cvmclave è "THELEMA".
Per discutere l'argomento abbiamo convocato alcuni dei massimi esperti italiani : Corinna Zaffarana, Claudio Marucchi e Roberto Milusic Migliussi
A seguire la performance reading musicata "Focus of Life - Omaggio a Austin Osman Spare" di Lunus e Milusic ( )
e l'unica data Italiana di Lamia Vox (RU)

Ore 14:00 apertura porte.
Ore 15:00: inizio conferenze.

sarà possibile cenare presso l'agriturismo.

Ingresso su invito, per dettagli sull'evento:

LIVE Teatro Satanico + Lunus + Taeter in Moscow (Russia) @ SHAGI CLUB &&&&&& ...


moscow ts lunus taeter

January 11th 2018

@ SHAGI (Moscow, Russia)

Книга "Viva Italia" презентация в Москве

11 January 2018
starting from 20:00
Perevedenovski Pereulok 18 / 6 , Moscow 105082

Переведеновский пер, 18, стр. 6, Moscow, 105082

Teatro Satanico + Lunus - live ( IT )
Taeter - live ( IT )

Книга "VIVA ITALIA" - исторический обзор современной экспериментальной музыки, сборник многочисленных статей об артистах и лэйблах, появившихся в Италии в течение последних 60 лет. Авторский взгляд на их творчество и значение для мира искусства, первая в России попытка систематизировать сведения о культурном феномене экспериментальной, индустриально-шумовой, электроакустической, авангардной и прочей необычной музыки из Италии.
В рамках презентации книги состоится серия концертов лучших представителей итальянского музыкального андеграунда.


MEGABOMB , new K7 album album compilation

OBSCENE ET ANEMIQUE #OA04, C40 , limited to 77 copies

Another chapter in the epic Obscene & Anemique history, after the sub-realist "Funhammer" comes the ultra-phat technoid dance "Megabomb", where all groups turned on the big beat machine: TEATRO SATANICO deliver disco-dance, ESCAMA SERRADA sensual and bitter technopop, COAGUL presents a powerful gabber-ritual, and NIEDOWIERZANIE closes the trip with some acid mantra. Put the strobe on, it's Megabomb time!

for infos and contacts:



A. Forcipe di Thanatos

B. Abortita Concezione

Two tracks part of a project elaborated by MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION in 2007 featuring the very last Marco's "M. Nothing" - ATRAX MORGUE recordings.
Now, with the precious help of MUZAKILLER and Devis G. (Teatro Satanico / Lunus), who also took care of final mastering, these two little treasures of best Italian death-Industrial & old school P/E got finally released in limited edition of 300 copies black vinyl 7".
The two tracks complete a concept focused on the presentation of pathological patterns that may occur in a Mather-Son relationship.
The idea takes shape at the dawn of the new millennium in the minds of some members of MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION starting with the reading of some forensic criminology texts, true-crime literature, as well as crazy reports from the controversial "Hate-Zines" published in USA In the early 1990s.
Thanks to the fundamental contribution of two of the major composers of the Italian Industrial area, Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera, a confused agglomeration of textual and sound materials was elaborated into the definitive form of a bipolar contrast between the explosive manias of a reluctant mother and the depressed lament of a son corrupted by the hate of the mother.


Necrofilia – Sein Zum Tode LP

In the early nineties, Slaughter Productions released two masterpieces of Atrax Morgue as Necro-sintesi and Necrophiliac Experience split with Lunus, noise project of Devis Granziera, a very close friend of Marco Corbelli. This partnership is only the prelude to what will happen a few years later. In 1996 Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera decided to resume a bizarre project by Devis Granziera called Nekrophilia. After two years of work, changing the name of the project in Necrofilia, comes out on tape again for Slaughter Productions the result of their collaboration with the title of ‘’Sein Zum Tode’’. The tape is brutal! Harsh tones that cut through the air with manic male agonizing voice moving into a lyrical attack. Each track contain hypnotic storm of sounds with dense noise pattern that bangs it into your head!
Reprinted for the first time in LP, tracks were remastered from the original tape and the record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard in an edition of 199 copies.:

LIVE Teatro Satanico (and friends) @ ZIGGY Club (Torino , Italia) and @ CLUB ROSAS CINCO (Barcelona, Espana) ...

ZIGGY Torino 2017

11 Novembre 2017


live @ ZIGGY (Torino - Italia)

Ziggy Club
Via Madama 66
Concerts start: 21:30

a seguire dj set di
Black Ossian


Barcellona 2017

November 17th 2017

Teatro Satanico + Niedowierzanie + Escama Serrada + Coàgul
live @ CLUB ROSAS CINCO (Barcelona - Spain)

Club Rosas Cinco
Carrer d'Atenes 5
Concerts start: 23.00

Este próximo viernes 17 de noviembre del 2017 tendrá lugar la presentación de "MEGABOMB", un split a cuatro bandas que publica el sello francés Obscène et Anémique en formato cassette. La premisa básica para este recopilatorio era que los músicos participantes, todos pertenecientes al contexto de lo que se ha venido a llamar música electrónica post-industrial, aportaran temas que sacaran a relucir su lado más "bailable" dentro de sus límites estilísticos. Para tal efecto, la presentación consistirá en las actuaciones de los cuatro proyectos centrándose en la ejecución del material que cada uno haya aportado a la cinta.
Sin más preámbulos, estos son sus nombres:

TEATRO SATANICO (Venecia, 1993)

NIEDOWIERZANIE (Marsella, 2008)

ESCAMA SERRADA (L'Ametlla del Vallès, 2008)

COÀGUL (Barcelona, 2009)

El lugar elegido será ni más ni menos que el Cinco Rosas, uno de los más selectos clubes BDSM de la ciudad condal.


in Tony Dickie's COMPULSION MAGAZINE a review of FRIENDS & FIENDS, latest full length album by Teatro Satanico

Teatro Satanico - Friends and Fiends

I think this has been out quite sometime but it's been ages since we've covered Teatro Satanico. In the past Teatro Satanico have sung about Austin Osman Spare, Jack Parsons, Pasolini and even the child conceived between Satan and Rosemary Woodhouse in the Roman Polanski film of Ira Levin's novel Rosemary's Baby. Friends and Fiends features tracks devoted to and inspired by occultists, artists, poets, terrorists, serial killers, porn stars and others who have made a mark on this Italian group active since the early nineties. They're are some dubious characters featured in Friends and Fiends but really what do you expect from a group who used to go under extended names varying around Teatro Satanico Charles Manson. Friends and Fiends evolved from a number of tracks that have appeared elsewhere but they've been recomposed and reconfigured into new forms making this something of a new album.
Much of Friends and Fiends bustles to Teatro Satanico's more electro-rhythmic pieces but they also adopt some different approaches where they really come into their own, highlighting their musical influences as they shed light on their multifarious inspirations. Friends and Fiends opens to 'Ulrike Meinhof', the German far-left terrorist and member of the Red Army Faction, with its pulsing electro beats and distant vocals. 'Disco Cianciulli' opts for a minimalist techno sound, firing off frequencies and electro bleeps over quavering beats as rougher vocals slightly treated intone the lyrics about Leonarda Cianciulli, a famous Italian serial killer who drugged, murdered and then disposed of her victims bodies by boiling them in caustic soda before turning them into soap, earning her the nickname the "Soap-Maker of Correggio". 'Ilse Koch', meanwhile, offers pumping electronics amidst spirals of dense guitarwork and twisted vocalisations. By this point we've dealt with a German terrorist, an Italian serial killer and Ilse Koch, the wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp who also earned the distinction of being named in a title of an early Come Org compilation album. By this point it might seem that Teatro Satanico have laced the music Jim Jones Kool-Aid style with appealing rhythms and beats for the more dubious characters on Friends and Fiends. That's not so though. 'Sonido de Independencia' is part EBM and part synth-pop, as they sing of Leonid Ivanovic Rogozov, a Russian doctor who while stationed in Antarctica performed self-surgery and successfully removed his appendix.
Likewise, Friends and Fiends is at its best when Teatro Satanico remove the expected elements in the form of beats and rhythms and frame the characters in amongst other appealing musical settings. For instance, the second track, 'La Sophiale De Montparnasse' is a slow electro ballad wrapped around glinting sweeping synths draped in powerful wailing from Lady Ghost Laura Agerli and the deep tone accompaniment of DeVis dedicated to Maria De Naglowska, a Russian sex-magician and author who mixed with the Surrealists in Paris during the 1920s and 1930s. The influence of Coil seems to steep into the music of many Italian musicians we've reviewed such as Maria Nascenti and TAC and there light still seems to shine here. The Euro ballad 'Mondo Cane' with its aching vocal over atmospheric synths would have fitted nicely on Black Sun Productions' OperettAmorale, where they interpreted the works of Bertolt Brecht. Of course this one isn't written by Brecht but here Teatro Satanico tackles Yves Klein's troubled association with the "shockumentary" exploitation movie Mondo Cane which provided a distorted take on his blue painted models pressing their bodies against massive canvasses. We're still in the Coil universe on 'Virginia' where slow textured electronics, atmospheric synths and guitar arpeggios give way to slow, accented voice reciting T.S. Eliot's poem Virginia. There's nothing shocking here and it is clear Teatro Satanico are moved by Eliot's words on the struggles of life.
Backing up a bit, 'Under The Bamboo Tree' is based on another T.S. Eliot poem where a bizarre concoction of voices are treated, stretched and layered over a percussive interplay of Laurie Anderson styled drums and electronic rhythms attaining something of an oriental feel. Sombre electronics feature on 'Nero Viani' where the low pitched spoken and serene vocals are based on the Ostia born Italian artist and writer Lorenzo Viani whose work focussed on outsiders in the form of the poor, despondent and mentally impaired. 'Void' concerns itself with the anonymous S.V. and the chiming electronics are heightened by choice lyrics such as "Put your finger, put your finger up your... fuck your soul". Whoever S.V. is/was they must have been quite a character.
Towards the end Friends and Fiends veers between a 19th century Satanist and a seventies porn star. The Hi-NRG electro strokes of 'Mary Mary (Come Play With Me)' are accompanied by teasing lascivious couplets dedicated to Mary Millington, while 'Là-bas' combines passages of atmospheric textures and electro sequences that figure through-out Friends and Fiends, as Teatro Satanico invoke the spirit of J.K. Huysmans.
Perhaps Teatro Satanico have never received the attention they deserve as their lyrics for the most part are delivered in their native Italian tongue. It's a shame as Friends and Fiends, much like their other material is engaging, sometimes serious and sometimes darkly humorous. It's as musically diverse as the personalities covered. Friends and Fiends is something of a history lesson but it is an enlightening peek into the inspirations and influences of this long-running Italian project.

the cd album is available here:

or here:


BEES , new K7 album by "DE is on & DE v is"

LUCE SIA is particularly proud to announce its release n. 042, out today!!
After a split cassette in 1997, «Bees» is in fact the first collaboration ever between the two historical Italian experimenters Deison and Devis G.
Deison and Devis worked meticulously, but in an instictive and natural way to this project, inspired by the natural order of things, by bringing piece after piece sounds, texts and rhythms, gathering them together to build a complex structure, like bees do.
Out in a limited edition of 60 numbered copies, with download code!

for infos and contacts:


Teatro Satanico LIVE @ FILTH III (BERLIN) ...


June 9th 2017

@ MOVE (Berlin, Deutschland)


9 June 2017
starting from 22:00

am Südhaus 2, Berlin, Germany


Teatro Satanico - live ( IT _ Old Europa Cafe )
Aktion Mutante - live ( IT/DE _ Violet Poison & Unhuman )
Thought Broadcast - live ( US/DE _ Editions Mego)
Venerence - live ( NYC _ Total Black / Chondritic Sound )
Entertainment - dj set ( Total Black )
Sirio Gry J B2B MXM ( Liber Null Berlin )
Unhuman ( Liber Null Berlin / AmokTapes / Veleno Viola )
Nullam Rem Natam - action ( Liber Null Berlin )


This time the event will take place in the basement of the special venue Agora Rollberg. A Berlin-based experimental center for contemporary practices, devoted to reflect on alternative models for cultural, social and economical production. This art-space provides the right environment to showcase the strong and widely developed artistic side of FILTH. Agora Rollberg offers the chance to develop a diverse program in the fields of arts by setting ideal conditions to showcase the aesthetics of the project.

LIBER NULL is a postmodern project that emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief and creates avant garde and unorthodox methods seeking a perceptive access to underground music and art.


Friends & Fiends

new full length CD album by Teatro Satanico

CD Digipack (OECD 231)

full-lenght cd album released thru OLD EUROPA CAFE, catalog number OECD231
collecting songs inspired by / dedicated to:
Ulrike Meinhof, Maria De Naglowska,
Giuseppe Pansardi e Leonarda Cianciulli,
Laurie Anderson, Ilse Koch,
Leonid Ivanovic Rogozov, Yves Klein,
Thomas Stearns Eliot, Lorenzo Viani, S.V.
Mary Millington, Joris-Karl Huysmans


01. Ulrike Meinhof
02. La Sophiale de Montparnasse
03. Disco Cianciulli
04. Under the bamboo tree
05. Ilse Koch
06. Sonido de Independencia
07. Mondo Cane
08. Virginia
09. Nero Viani
10. Void
11. Mary Mary (come play with me)
12. Là-bas

alternative video clip edit here:
cd album is available here:

or here:


A cinque anni dal precedente “Fatwa” Teatro Satanico, Devis Granziera e Roberto “Kalamun” Pasini, tornano con questo nuovo “Friends & Fiends” (Amici e Demoni), sempre su Old Europa Cafe. Il disco include una dozzina di tracce ispirate e/o dedicate ad alcuni personaggi “fuori dagli schemi” che hanno influenzato e accompagnato la crescita culturale dei due musicisti veneti. Apre le danze il remix di Ulrike Meinhof (già singolo nel 2011), poderoso brano ebm dedicato alla omonima terrorista tedesca di estrema sinistra. La Sophiale de Montparnasse (dal soprannome dell’occultista russa Maria de Naglowska, esperta di magia sessuale, dopo il suo trasferimento a Parigi negli anni ’30) è una misteriosa ballad che ricorda i Coil, cantata da Devis G. e Laura Agerli dei Die Zwei. Nel remake di Disco Cianciulli (singolo del 2011 dedicato alla serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli e suo figlio Giuseppe) i Klinik incontrano la minimal techno in una soluzione che piacerà agli amanti dell’elettronica a 360° (industrial, ebm, techno, minimal). Under The Bamboo Tree è una poesia dello statunitense Thomas Stearns Eliot (poeta appartenente alla corrente del “modernismo” della prima metà del ‘900), adattata su una base synth-pop orientaleggiante, ispirato alle stravaganze esotiche di Laurie Anderson in “Mister Heartbreak”. Il remix della DAF-iana Ilse Koch (già b-side di Ulrike Meinhof nel 2011) è dedicata alla “strega di Buchenwald”, moglie di Karl-Otto Koch (comandante del campo di concentramento di Buchenwald in Germania), tristemente nota per le atrocità commesse all’interno del campo. Sonido De Independencia (già edita nel 2013 sulla compilation “Recuerdos Del Futuro” e dedicata a Leonid Rogozov, medico russo noto per essersi operato di appendicite da solo durante una spedizione in Antartide nel ‘61) si ispira al sound di Valencia di fine anni ’80, un mix tra synth-pop, new beat belga e Detroit techno. Mondo Cane, brano atmosferico di grande pathos, già edito nel 2013 nella raccolta “XX” per il ventennale del Teatro, è invece dedicato al pittore Yves Klein, precursore della body art. Virginia è un’altra poesia di T. S. Eliot, questa volta adattata su una malinconica ballad fatta di synth eterei, chitarre acustiche arpeggiate e percussioni metalliche alla E.Neubauten. L’influenza musicale dei Coil torna in Nero Viani, dedicato al pittore “dell’orrido e della miseria” Lorenzo Viani, e in Void (vuoto), dedicato ad una sconosciuta S.V. a cui Granziera urla “put your finger in your vulve and fuck your soul”. Le atmosfere oniriche lasciano spazio alla synth-poppeggiante Mary Mary (Come Play With Me), in cui Devis recita una filastrocca dedicata alla pornostar britannica degli anni ‘70 Mary Millington, morta suicida. Chiude Là-Bas (laggiù), cantata in francese da Kalamun su un testo ispirato al romanzo omonimo (il primo sul satanismo nella Francia dell’ottocento) dello scrittore Joris-Karl Huysmans e musicalmente basata su sonorità analogiche vintage in un incedere ossessivo e allo stesso tempo melodico. Friends & Fiends è indubbiamente l’album più variegato e maturo di Teatro Satanico e di Granziera, uno sperimentatore che continua a stupire e a spiazzare dopo venticinque anni, riuscendo anche a inserire elementi di ironia in un settore spesso troppo serioso e autoreferenziale.
Voto: 9/10


Angst vor der Angst

10" / Lathe Cut (OEMP 017)
Limited Edition 23 copies

Special exclusive 10" lathe-cut vinyl released for TEATRO SATANICO by OLD EUROPA CAFE


3 noisy angst-ridden post-industrial tunes with a sort penchant for post-punk hooks.
Haunting and spectral words wailing and surging out of the beat&drones maelstrom.
Squalls and smash storm riffs drifting off into the ether and down into abyss.
Truly original angst musick that will linger in the darker recesses of your soul.
Three tracks dealing with "fear" and "fear of fear"..


A1. Fear
A2. Dust

B1. Angst vor der Angst



Der Tod In Venedig (second expanded edition)
Reissued and Remastered full-lenght cd album released by Russian label UFA MUZAK , catalog number UFA72

full-lenght cd album packed in 4-sided digipack A5. Standart edition 170 copies

Also available 30 copies with HERB BALSAM 43% alc. 0,1l bottle inside branded boxes

1. Der Tod in Venedig
2. Canto XLV
3. Petrolio
4. Ihr seid Zuviel
5. Altar Knotto (meditazioni delle vette)
6. Suicide mode d'emploi
7. The Owl
8. Visions have been considered illusions
9. La Farmacia dell'Angelo (live in Milan, 2013)

released by UFA MUZAK

available here:

and also here: