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TEATRO SATANICO a Milano ( guest: Der Feuerkreiner ) &&& BAU 10 container of contemporary culture art magazine &&& new releases &&& Comandante Bruno 1993-2013 review

Concerto Teatro Satanico + Der Feuerkreiner

Teatro Satanico
guest: Der Feuerkreiner

Aftershow Dj Antz (CH)
Industrial Old School, Power-Electronics, Dark-Folk, Ritual, Synth-Wave,
Minimal, Post-Punk, Cold-Wave, Early Ebm, Witch-House, Batcave, Angst-Pop...
& Solitary (Ascension Magazine)

20 Aprile 2013
TNT Club
Via Tito Livio 33/A, Milano (MI)
h. 22.30 - Entry 7 euro

organizzato da: bluehour e mamo!



out now  " BAU DIECI " 

a " container of contemporary culture" art magazine

this peculiar issue features a limited signed and numbered audio-cd-r release with some unreleased tracks by  Devis Granziera as Lunus

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out now NECROPHONIX, a full lenght album by LUNUS featuring N.

Limited edition of 99 hand-numbered copies audio cd-r release out through OLD EUROPA CAFE ( http://www.oldeuropacafe.com/main.php?nav=pd&prdct=12094 )

NECROPHONIX offers a collection of old-school industrial-noise tracks recorded by LUNUS ( aka Devis Granziera of Teatro Satanico) and N. ( Davide Tozzoli - www.boringnoise.com).

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out now THE CRUELLEST MONTH, full lenght album  featuring more old-school death-industrial noise by LUNUS

Limited edition of 33 hand-numbered and signed  audio cd-r copies

cardboard folder packaging, total lenght 42.00 minutes circa

" APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding     
Lilacs out of the dead land ... "
T.S. Eliot

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COMANDANTE BRUNO 1993-2013 ( http://www.teatrosatanico.it/it/discografia.html?d=comandante-bruno-1993---2013.html ) review among the pages of Heathen Harvest webzine ( http://heathenharvest.org/2013/04/10/various-artists-comandante-bruno-1993-2013 )

Various Artists – Comandante Bruno 1993-2013

Teatro Satanico

Behind the steps of death, past the prison of grief, many of us can have a clear vision of what or who has passed away from us. We can appreciate that the perversions of life no longer plague our loved ones, and the value of the best moments we’ve collected alongside the departed reaches as high as the heavens. This is the essence of Comandante Bruno, one of my most favorite songs, and I could not help but ask DeVis Granziera of Teatro Satanico about the origin and process that saw the creation of said tribute. His response from an interview I conducted a few years ago:
“We composed it after the death of Bruno, who was an actual friend of Alberto M. Kundalini and I. Bruno died in his 60′s because of breathing complications after he suffered some years before a cancer surgery operation. He had a very adventurous and picaresque life, even though he was deeply involved in neo-fascist movements… Nonetheless, he was radically anti-christian and anti-clerical, and that was (and still is) a very strange feature for a man supporting conservative right politics. Back to Bruno, he was a cook, and when he was alive, we (he, Alberto, myself and other neo-pagan people nearby) used to have dinner on “Good Friday” night, eating cooked donkey meat, a local dish that was a distinctive delicacy of his cookery, and drinking red wine. It was a funny evening shared among friends having some happy times together, celebrating Bruno’s cooking art and mocking Christian traditions. This became a kind of ritualistic tradition, and it is still celebrated by his neo-pagan friends even now, still meeting to remember him. Sometimes I take part in it, too. This and other good stories confirmed him to be a kind of “mythical” character. When he died, I suggested the first verse to Alberto, and urged him to write the remaining lyrics to finish the track I composed.”

The palpable emotion of the love shared between friends is the foremost quality of this piece, a feeling that still lives in the heart and mind of Mr. Granziera. Twenty years after it was released on Teatro Satanico’s first cassette, this CD-R is a continuation of that initial tribute. This time, the Theatre is joined by friends, Rapid Action Brigade with Wertham, and there is a lengthy extension by DeVis as Lvnvs, as well as a heartfelt live rendition. First is the original track as presented on the project’s debut tape, recorded as a simple arrangement of an old Crumar Performer organ and very inflamed vocals, a vocal performance that feels like the ravings of a madman from some Pasolini film. I still envision something a scene where a man in military uniform stands next to the lifeless body of the commandant he had followed through hell and back. First with a centered stare, and as he goes on, tears stream down his weathered face, pride mixing with composure, giving way to anger and an effort to contain sorrow with the type of strength he had to exude in the presence of his beloved leader, fervently speaking of his “legendario odio… titanico odio… INCREDIBLE ODIO”.

To my surprise, the track after goes the opposite direction of the melancholic, ambient original. The cover done by Rapid Action Brigade is markedly industrial, not as sad as the first, but this version has the aura of a funeral procession; it begins with a sample of a sweet-sounding female singing about angels, goes the way of a pall-bearer, and ends in a fit of harsh noise and feedback. The version done by DeVis as his side project Lvnvs extends even further. A twenty-three minute-long track done in true Lvnvs style, with ample use of bright electronics. Less of a lament and more of a celebration of Bruno’s life, very inspired. Finally, there is a live version, returning to the place the two-decade old one takes us. The same intimacy is present, and though the sounds are much more up to date, it still is reminiscent of that seventies film vibe, with vocals that express the very same thing they did after an old friend left this world. A limited edition of thirty-three copies with either a rusty or black iron nail included, all copies are sold-out.

Track List:

01) Teatro Satanico Charles Manson – Comandante Bruno
02) Rapid Action Brigade featuring Wertham – Comandante Bruno
03) Lvnvs – Comandante Bruno (RAB&W version remix)
04) Teatro Satanico – Comandante Bruno (Live @ Case del Vento, 11.11.2011, Russi, Ravenna)

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Rexington Steel
Label:  Self-released (Italy) / TS0009 / CD-R
Ambient / Experimental / Industrial / Noise


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