LIVE Teatro Satanico @ XIII CONGRESSO POST-INDUSTRIALE &&& TEATRO SATANICO and side projects new releases

cong 13

April 29th 2017

@ Kindergarten (Bologna)




April 29 2017


Via Calzoni 6 - Bologna - Italy

Doors Open: 20:30

Concerts start: 21:00


With real great pleasure, after long years of absence from Italian and European stages, we are going to present as headliner of the next CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE:


Musician / Author / Journaliest / Archivist / Painter / Actor / Religius Researcher and much more.....


ItaliK SataniK ElelktroniK since 1993

A sweet & industrial Theater of Sins


Dense percussion and howling tension of hungry gohosts

An evocative Industial / Neo-Folk Rite

§ CARNERA (Italy)

Elektronika, powerful and beating as Primo Carnera,

the Italian boxing world champion of the 1930's.

Plus after Congresso live-set by




new full length CD album by Teatro Satanico

CD Digipack (OECD 231)

full-lenght cd album released thru OLD EUROPA CAFE, catalog number OECD231

collecting songs inspired by / dedicated to:

Ulrike Meinhof, Maria De Naglowska,

Giuseppe Pansardi e Leonarda Cianciulli,

Laurie Anderson, Ilse Koch,

Leonid Ivanovic Rogozov, Yves Klein,

Thomas Stearns Eliot, Lorenzo Viani, S.V.

Mary Millington, Joris-Karl Huysmans


01. Ulrike Meinhof
02. La Sophiale de Montparnasse
03. Disco Cianciulli
04. Under the bamboo tree
05. Ilse Koch
06. Sonido de Independencia
07. Mondo Cane
08. Virginia
09. Nero Viani
10. Void
11. Mary Mary (come play with me)
12. Là-bas

alternative video edit here:

the cd album is available here:

or here:




10" / Lathe Cut (OEMP 017)

Limited Edition 23 copies

Special exclusive 10" lathe-cut vinyl released for TEATRO SATANICO live set at the XIII CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE to be held in Bologna at club KINDERGARTEN on April 29 2017.

This item will be first offered at the venue, sorry we are not acepting pre-orders on that item but only reservations for those who will visit the venue. 
If any copy left we will offer them here after the venue but price will be more expensive.


3 noisy angst-ridden post-industrial tunes with a sort penchant for post-punk hooks.

Haunting and spectral words wailing and surging out of the beat&drones maelstrom.

Squalls and smash storm riffs drifting off into the ether and down into abyss.

Truly original angst musick that will linger in the darker recesses of your soul.

Three tracks dealing with "fear" and "fear of fear"..


A1. Fear
A2. Dust

B1. Angst vor der Angst


Der Tod In Venedig (second expanded edition)

Reissued and Remastered full-lenght cd album released by Russian label UFA MUZAK , catalog number UFA72

full-lenght cd album packed in 4-sided digipack A5. Standart edition 170 copies

Also available 30 copies with HERB BALSAM 43% alc. 0,1l bottle inside branded boxes


1. Der Tod in Venedig

2. Canto XLV

3. Petrolio

4. Ihr seid Zuviel

5. Altar Knotto (meditazioni delle vette)

6. Suicide mode d'emploi

7. The Owl

8. Visions have been considered illusions

9. La Farmacia dell'Angelo (live in Milan, 2013)

released by UFA MUZAK

available here:

and also here:



Russian language book + quadruple CD compilation featuring a couple of old sick harsh-noise early 1990s tracks :


The book contains 785 pages of text, the size is 21?25 cm, the weight is about 2 kg. This edition is strictly limited to 700 copies. Please note: all the text is in Russian only! Some artists were featured in IEM podcasts, as well as their music, with the intention to represent their creative attitudes at its best. Unfortunately, the idea of the book doesn't allow to achieve the same goal, but it's accompanied by the quadruple CD compilation of the same title, where you can find the exclusive pieces by many italian artists, provided specially for this project and never released before. All the articles are grouped into five chapters: early electronic music (1955-1980), academic music, new wave and industrial scene (1980-1984), music from pre-digital stage (1985-1995) and all the contemporary scene (1996-2015). The last two chapters consists of independent labels review and the interviews with musicians, most of those were intended to be included in IEM magazine which was never published after 2003. VIVA ITALIA book presents the historical overview of experimental music, it's the compilation of numerous articles about the artists and labels appeared in Italy during the recent 60 years. The author's view to their work and impact to the world of art, the first ever attempt in Russia of approach systemically to the knowledge about the cultural phenomena of experimental, industrial, noise, electroacoustic, avantgarde and other unusual music coming from Italy. Here you can find the information about more than 800 musicians, their photos and detailed descriptions of their albums.

The quadruple cd compilation comes in hardcover digibook with silver foil embossing and inner wallets made of black paper, silver ink silkscreen printing. It's the part of the project and cannot be ordered separately. Each CD contains about 80 minutes of music, the total duration of the program is more than five hours! SSHE Retina Stimulants, The Tapes, Sparkle in Grey & Nicola Ratti, Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi, Massimo Carozzi, Fabio Orsi, F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay, Daniele Brusaschetto, Gaetano Cappella & Enrico Coniglio, Marcello Fraioli, Stefano Barban, Malato, Alessandro Bosetti, DsorDNE, Alessandro Geo, Murder Corporation, Andrea Marutti, Microloop, Claudio Rocchetti, Sostrah Tinnitus and Wuornos Aileen. Lyke Wake, F:A.R., Gerstein, Giancarlo Toniutti, Tasaday, Luca Miti & Francesco Michi, Mauthausen Orchestra, Raffaele Serra, Mauro Teho Teardo, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Enrico Piva, Maurizio Bianchi, Le Forbici Di Manitù, Capricorni Pneumatici, Cupio Dissolvi, Deca, Atrax Morgue, Lunus, Paolo Veneziani, Regivar, AlioDie & Opium, Runes Order, T.A.C., Teatro Satanico, Bad Sector, Tingis, Cold Cluster, Audax Italiano, Digital Noise Distortion, Fantasmagramma, NeitherNor, S.Talker Inc., SEC_, Le Cose Bianche, Fabio Perletta, Ashtool, Giulio Aldinucci

Released by MONOCHROME VISION, edited by Dmitry Vasilyev



Necrophonix , a collaborative project of Davide Tozzoli (aka N. ) and Devis Granziera released a new album, "NECROSICK", released as audiocassette by LUCE SIA

Catalog number LUCE SIA 018

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