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January 11th 2018

@ SHAGI (Moscow, Russia)

Книга "Viva Italia" презентация в Москве

11 January 2018
starting from 20:00
Perevedenovski Pereulok 18 / 6 , Moscow 105082

Переведеновский пер, 18, стр. 6, Moscow, 105082

Teatro Satanico + Lunus - live ( IT )
Taeter - live ( IT )

Книга "VIVA ITALIA" - исторический обзор современной экспериментальной музыки, сборник многочисленных статей об артистах и лэйблах, появившихся в Италии в течение последних 60 лет. Авторский взгляд на их творчество и значение для мира искусства, первая в России попытка систематизировать сведения о культурном феномене экспериментальной, индустриально-шумовой, электроакустической, авангардной и прочей необычной музыки из Италии.
В рамках презентации книги состоится серия концертов лучших представителей итальянского музыкального андеграунда.


MEGABOMB , new K7 album album compilation

OBSCENE ET ANEMIQUE #OA04, C40 , limited to 77 copies

Another chapter in the epic Obscene & Anemique history, after the sub-realist "Funhammer" comes the ultra-phat technoid dance "Megabomb", where all groups turned on the big beat machine: TEATRO SATANICO deliver disco-dance, ESCAMA SERRADA sensual and bitter technopop, COAGUL presents a powerful gabber-ritual, and NIEDOWIERZANIE closes the trip with some acid mantra. Put the strobe on, it's Megabomb time!

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A. Forcipe di Thanatos

B. Abortita Concezione

Two tracks part of a project elaborated by MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION in 2007 featuring the very last Marco's "M. Nothing" - ATRAX MORGUE recordings.
Now, with the precious help of MUZAKILLER and Devis G. (Teatro Satanico / Lunus), who also took care of final mastering, these two little treasures of best Italian death-Industrial & old school P/E got finally released in limited edition of 300 copies black vinyl 7".
The two tracks complete a concept focused on the presentation of pathological patterns that may occur in a Mather-Son relationship.
The idea takes shape at the dawn of the new millennium in the minds of some members of MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION starting with the reading of some forensic criminology texts, true-crime literature, as well as crazy reports from the controversial "Hate-Zines" published in USA In the early 1990s.
Thanks to the fundamental contribution of two of the major composers of the Italian Industrial area, Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera, a confused agglomeration of textual and sound materials was elaborated into the definitive form of a bipolar contrast between the explosive manias of a reluctant mother and the depressed lament of a son corrupted by the hate of the mother.


Necrofilia – Sein Zum Tode LP

In the early nineties, Slaughter Productions released two masterpieces of Atrax Morgue as Necro-sintesi and Necrophiliac Experience split with Lunus, noise project of Devis Granziera, a very close friend of Marco Corbelli. This partnership is only the prelude to what will happen a few years later. In 1996 Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera decided to resume a bizarre project by Devis Granziera called Nekrophilia. After two years of work, changing the name of the project in Necrofilia, comes out on tape again for Slaughter Productions the result of their collaboration with the title of ‘’Sein Zum Tode’’. The tape is brutal! Harsh tones that cut through the air with manic male agonizing voice moving into a lyrical attack. Each track contain hypnotic storm of sounds with dense noise pattern that bangs it into your head!
Reprinted for the first time in LP, tracks were remastered from the original tape and the record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard in an edition of 199 copies.: