full-lenght cd album released thru OLD EUROPA CAFE, catalog number OECD231

collecting songs inspired by / dedicated to: Ulrike Meinhof, Maria De Naglowska, Giuseppe Pansardi e Leonarda Cianciulli, Laurie Anderson, Ilse Koch, Leonid Ivanovic Rogozov, Yves Klein, Thomas Stearns Eliot, Lorenzo Viani, S.V. , Mary Millington, Joris-Karl Huysmans


01. Ulrike Meinhof
02. La Sophiale de Montparnasse
03. Disco Cianciulli
04. Under the bamboo tree
05. Ilse Koch
06. Sonido de Independencia
07. Mondo Cane
08. Virginia
09. Nero Viani
10. Void
11. Mary Mary (come play with me)
12. Là-bas

All tracks, music and words, by Devis Granziera except
03 & 06 music by Devis Granziera & Kalamun, words by Kalamun
12 words by Kalamun
04 & 08 words by T. S.Eliot
All vocals and electronics by Kalamun & Devis G.
Electric guitars by Mauro Martinuz
Laura Agerli female vocals on 02
Cris "Xenos" Luise additional percussions on 08
External cover drawing by Roberto Milusic Migliussi