Teatro Satanico (untitled)

LP - 2003
Ars Benevola Mater (Italia), catalog number ABM03

Limited edition 300 copies red vinyl LP released by Ars Benevola Mater, that then was in partnership with Amplexus.

First 100 copies included a bonus split vinyl 7" between Novy Svet and Teatro Satanico with an alternative version of "Satana" mixing the voices of Devis, Alberto M.Kundalini, Juergen Weber and Tairy Ceron vocals repeating the same sentence in Latin, Italian, Spanish and Friul languages.

The "Untitled track" at the end of side A contains a recording with the complaints against the "Satanic pagan people of Sumano mountain" by Renato Baron, a self-declared clairvoyant who affirmed that he saw the "holy virgin Mary" and raised a billionaire business.

While on the other end-side of the vinyl there is "El canto pagan del Monte Suman", a choir sung and recorded in a Venetian inn with those same "Satanic pagan people" blamed by the above-quoted catholic preacher.


deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini
"Istituto Mediterraneo di Studi Politeisti" (choir on "El canto pagan del Monte Suman")
Mastering by Giorgio Ricci.

Tracklist LP
  1. Satana
  2. Freda
  3. Roma
  4. Caio Casio
  5. -
  6. L'uomo, la donna, Dio
  7. Preghiera
  8. Legge
  9. La verità
  10. El prete
  11. El canto pagan del monte Suman

Tracklist 7" (100 copies)

Novy Svet –        Do What You Wilt (CDP Session)
Novy Svet –     Sexorcisto (Total Luv)   
Novy Svet –     Do What You Wilt (Version Mongo)

Teatro Satanico –     Satana