Delirio Sifilitico vhs

video-cassette - 2003
Una Tantum Records (Italia)

A VHS PAL video-tape completely wrapped up with an adhesive red paper edited and composed by Stefano "Sissy" Biasin, a friend of us.

The movie had been shot in 1994 and 1995 circa

it really got almost nothing to share with "Delirio Sifilitico" album recorded ten years before, so we cannot say why the editor chose to use such a title (Siisy is a very complicated and strange guy!)


Sissy Biasin (video editing and noise 04)
Alberto Maria Kundalini
deviLs g.
Stefano Barban (synth 03)

  1. Lirica Antisociale
  2. Le strade del Diavolo
  3. Lo Sperma di Vittorio
  4. untitled track