Mephitic Coitus 3" cd-r

audio cdr 3" - 2003
Chondritic Sound (U.S.A.), catalog number CH023

Red 3" audio CDr release inside a red envelope with a red info flyer.
Limited edition of 99 copies.
It’s almost a re-print of "Mephitic Coitus" tape on a different format with one only slight variation from the previous one ("Anatema contro i nemici di Israele", a.k.a. "Pulsa De Nura" instead of "Sperma").
Since "Mephitic Coitus" has been released by an English label it went to better-known among English speaking people.

Note anyway that the editor of this release wrote one of the title using a wrong Italian spelling: "Control la mia lingua" instead of the correct form "Contro la mia lingua".


deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini

  1. Sesso, Droga Ed Industrial
  2. Control La Mia Lingua
  3. Cerimonia
  4. Coito Di Shiavi
  5. Anatema Contro I Nemici Di Israele