REAPING TIME a tribute to Death In June

audio-cassette - 1995

Psychotic Release (Italia), catalog number PRC020

Audio-tape compilation in A6 nylon bag packaging, hand-numbered edition.

TS track is an Italian language re-interpretation of “C'est un rêve” by Death In June.


deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini


Sulphureous Church – Heilige Tod!
Ermeneuma –     Nothing Changes
Gerstein – All Alone In Her Nirvana
Futhark –     Little Black Angel
Lady Domino – Blood Victory
Pervas Nefandum –     We Are The Lust
Nekromantik –     The Guilty Have No Past
Teatro Satanico – E' Un Sogno
Runes Order –     Last Farewell
Tombstone – Bring In The Night
Xilema –     Death Of The West
Dawn Fades –     Fields Of Rape
Desire – Death Of A Man
Humanoid Army, The – Rule Again
Nobody – The Wall Of Sacrifice