Slaughter Age 95

audio-cassette - 1995
Slaughter Productions (Italia), catalog number T39

Audio-cassette compilation inside nylon bag and an A4 cardboard inlay with a corpse-picture and transparent outer fold-sleeve with another similar picture and infos.

This TS track is also known as "Anatema contro i nemici di Israele".


deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini


Megaptera – Lurking Fear
Stratvm Terror – Auto Terror
Atrax Morgue – Sektion 4
Advokat Ihrer Hoheit –     Jacqueline (Vers. II)
Contagious Orgasm – Nervus Vagus
Negru Voda –     Psycho Voodoo Killer
Die Sonne Satan –     Regerminated III

Drape Excrement –     Exculpation
Third Eye –     Scrying
Fatal Impact –     Execute Brain (Act I)
Lunus –     Exquisite Corpse
Murder Corporation – Extract From Second Action
Pwcca Demogorgon –     Untitled
Teatro Satanico –     Pulsa De Nura