MONDO BOIAZZO original soundtrack

audio-cassette - 1995
The Uncle Tolo Production (Italia), catalog number T39

Release where still appeared the Mansonian version of Teatro Satanico name

Standard jewel-box single-sided tape-release with xerox inlay.
Audio-cassette compilation that contains the tracks used as soundtrack for a "mondo" home-made B-movie directed by Stefano Barbieri a.k.a. "Zio Tolo" ("Uncle Tolo").
Stefano Barbieri, who edited the artwork, made a mistake not only adding the unwanted Mansonian reference to our name, but also he wrongly wrote the titles of our tracks.
"Pulsa De Nura" indeed is "Anatema contro i nemici di Israele".
All these tracks were previously unreleased since also the last two above-mentioned tracks are instrumental versions of "Pulsa De Nura / Anatema contro i nemici di Israele", track that appeared on Slaughter Age 95 compilation.
The other final Teatro Satanico track is an instrumental version of "Sperma", track that appeared on Mephitic Coitus audio-tape album.
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deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini

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