CD - 2008
HellOutro Enterprises (Portugal), catalog number Outro002

The first track is a TeatroSatanico's version of "Rituale 729", an invocation to Baphomet inspired by Italian O.T.O. instructions. According to esoteric traditions Baphomet was the "idol" symbolized as a severed head by Templar Knights, and we find that this track suited very well the opening of this "musick-for-the-head" album.

"Visione Remota" came out from our experiences with Yoga. We found that the "Remote Viewing" experience is somehow related with CHIDAKASHA, the psychic space that according to Yoga tradition is in front, and a bit above, of the closed eyes, just behind the forehead.

The third and final one is "How to glitch little souls". Peculiar noises do affect in many strange ways the cognition of the listeners, and in some cases very peculiar noises connected with peculiar patterns may actually change also sensory perception and sense of reality. This track was entirely created from noises recorded from a LinuxOS laptop owned by Devis that glitched, crashed and eventually had been junked off. Except for the vocals, no other noise sources were used for this track.

CHIDAKASHA have been released by HellOutro Enterprises ( http://www.helloutro.org ) as audio CD album inside a slim dvd format box in an hand-numbered edition limited to 333 copies. The drawing used on the front-cover of this album is a glyph that came out combining the traditional "Golden Dawn" astral-projection magickal seals.


Devis deviLs Granziera
Fab er (aka FBRZ)

  1. Rituale 729 (invocazione a Baphomet)
  2. Visione Remota
  3. How to glitch little souls