Dissertazioni Catodiche di Teologia Applicata su Nastro Magnetico

video-cassette - 2008
Teatro Satanico (Italia), catalog number TS0002

VHS PAL video-tape release limited to 99 hand-numbered copies.
Collection of videoclips featuring previously unreleased (sound)tracks, excepted "Uomo Donna Dio" that anyway here appears pretty different from its previous 2003 and 2006 versions.
Muzakiller supplied the illustration for "diodiodio" visuals.

Total lenght 45 minutes circa


Devis deviLs g.
Ari (vocals on "Cristo e Anticristo" and puppetry on "il teologo" video-clip)
Alex & Max (synths on "Cristo e Anticristo")

  1. Contro Il Monoteismo
  2. il Teologo
  3. diodiodio
  4. Uomo Donna Dio
  5. Cristo E Anticristo