untitled (GREY BOX)

CD + T-Shirt - 2008
8mm records / canedicoda (Italia), catalog number 8mm026

box set including audioCDr, T-shirt and info flyer

Cardboard Grey Box handnumbered and limited to 100 copies release.
The grey box got a grey-cloth insertion on the top and contains a T-shirt, depicting the "little devil" ( actual neolithic cave art scratch in Val D’Assa), a grey info flyer and the total black audio CDr inside a grey folder.
Even though the lyrics are quite the same "Caregon del Diol" track is not the same one that appeared on 2007 extra-limited release "El Diol".
Giovanni Donadin & Luca Massolin added some noise on "29" and some other noise during the field-recording done by Devis on "Caregon del Diol" location


Devis deviLs g.

  1. 29
  2. Alexamenos
  3. A casa!
  4. Acqua santa
  5. Prete
  6. Caregon del Diol
  7. Non detto
  8. Realtà