Le Noyé

Teatro Satanico
Le Noyé

CD ltd. 200 copies in poster cover

label: st.an.da.2030

04. LE NOYE’

As Teatro Satanico we conceived these tracks in September 2018, when someone advised us that Dmitry Vasilyev died by drowning in the Black Sea. Dmitry managed our first Russian gig in Moscow that same year, and we became friends. On the spur of the moment to remember him with composing some tunes seemed to be a sort of natural unconscious reaction to such bad news. Anyway almost as soon we stopped working on them. We filed the tracks away. Partly it was hard to sung about him, but also I think that maybe we did sung for too long and too much about biographical related topics in our previous albums ( e.g. see our 2016 “FRIENDS & FIENDS”), and we did not want to somehow exploit also the death of a friend. And indeed at that time we felt that for us was time to change and move toward a new musickal cycle that eventually lead us to the post-kosmick khaos-magick inspired droning sound of THE TUNNELS OF SET, the 2019 album that marked a radical break with our previous traditional sound approach. During the first 2020 COVID lockdown we recovered the tracks that we filed away and, doing our best in order to escape from sentimentalism, we completed them in the form you can actually hear here. To those who may be interested in our musickal journey LE NOYE’ could be seen as the missing link between our last albums and the new sound production we are getting into after THE TUNNELS OF SET release.
This is musick about loss, mourning and moving on.

- Devis Granziera, 2020

Teatro Satanico:
Roberto Kalamun Pasini vocals, clarinet and graphic designing
Mauro Martinuz percussions and glockenspiel
Devis Granziera vocals, synths, drum-machines, ocean drum, steel tongue drum, field-recordings, production and mastering

special guest Davide Tozzoli, mellotron in “Those are pearls”

musik and words by Devis Granziera, except for “Those are pearls” words T.S. Eliot and “Le Noyè” words by J. Prevert