TEATRO SATANICO senza titolo

LP - 2000
Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret (Austria), catalog number NEKO1

Lp released both on black and pink vinyl versions.
The devils pictures used on the cover are part of the own private collection of illustrations and paintings of Devis deviLs g.
Those illustrations have been made by pretty well known Italian underground comix-makers: Paolo Di Orazio, Alberto Corradi, Mauro Chiarotto and Gianluca Lerici a.k.a. prof. Bad Trip.
The tracks of these album were previously tape-released with the exception of "Antisociale 2000", that was entirely assembled by B. Fuller of Hex Minora using the materials supplied him by deviLs g.

Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret the Austrian label run by Novy Svet (Juergen Weber and Ulla Tost).


deviLs G. (a.k.a. Devis DeV deviLs g.)
Alberto Maria Kundalini
B. "Hex Minora" Fuller (noise on "Antisociale 2000")
Mastering by Giorgio Ricci


  1. Antisociale
  2. Confesso tutto!
  3. Marta
  4. Anatema contro i nemici di Israele
  5. Le strade del Diavolo
  6. Comandante Bruno
  7. Antisociale 2000