CD - 2000
Misty Circles / Oktagon (Italia), catalog number MCR20/OKT008

cd compilation featuring Teatrro Satanico

The  TS track is "Contro la mia lingua" from "Mephitic Coitus" album according to its English language translation.

The editor of this compilation disc wanted to add the Manson name (for exploitation aim?)


deviLs g.
Alberto Maria Kundalini


Amon –   Kilhekron Veli
Murder Corporation – The Hunt
Deca –     Planet 301
Bad Sector –     Harrow (Mix II)
I Burn –     Pulsatance
Kluster Cold –     Requiem
Sshe Retina Stimulants – Tower Girl Session From Australia To New Zealand
... Today, I'm Dead. – Little, Little Bitch
Deison –     Itch (Inertia 071)
Clau D.E.D.I., Dither Craf & Spiritual Front – Elogio Del Sincrotone
Teatro Satanico Charles Manson – Dead Mans Cock Against My Tongue
Stable –     Dopamine Thrill
Mörder Machine –     I'm So (Reprise)