audio-cassette - 1993

Healter Skelter Organisation (Italia)

Audio-cassette compilation featuring Teatro Satanico.

One of those early releases where Teatro Satanico appears as "Teatro Satanico Charles Manson"

Limited handnumbered to 300 copies audio-tape edition released inside a nylon bag with an inner colour sleeve. It contains a booklet. Tape compilation edited by Alessandro Papa, editor and publisher of Healter Skelter fanzine.


deviLs g. (aka Devis Granziera)
Alberto Maria Kundalini

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata – Haiti 93111 (Santa Maria)
Runes Order –     Reversed Time
Odal  – Inno Al Sole
Ain Soph – Time
Gerstein – In The Shadow Of The Sun
Atrax Morgue – Rapetime
X4U – Sense Of Doubt I
Teatro Satanico Charles Manson – Confesso Tutto!
G.M. 11 –     Break Down
XCR – The Back Track
Heat  – What Is Pain?
X4U – Sense Of Doubt II