audio-cassette - 1993
BV Tapes (U.K.), catalog number BV02

Audio-cassette compilation featuring Teatro Satanico.

One of those early releases where Teatro Satanico appears as "Teatro Satanico Charles Manson"

Audio-tape released inside a big nylon bag with a very thick A5 booklet containing info about the various projects, writings about pornography and censorship and many related-theme pictures, plus another smaller nylon bag with some ironic and funny inserts, and then another even smaller nylon bag with audio-cassette compilation wrapped inside a kind of paper belt.
The info sheet we supplied to the label was changed by B. Fuller, mastermind of the Brit noise-project HEX MINORA and owner of BV Tapes, just to avoid legal troubles becouse of the picture we sent him showed an explicit scene of anal sex, that seemed to be a criminal offence in '90s U.K.

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deviLs g. (Devis Granziera)
Alberto Maria Kundalini