SEIN ZUM TODE : Necrofilia (Atrax Morgue + Lunus) vinyl LP

In early nineties, Slaughter Productions (Marco Corbelli's / Atrax Morgue label) released two collaboration albums by ATRAX MORGUE and LUNUS (the solo project by Devis Granziera aka TEATRO SATANICO) entitled "Necro-Sintesi" and "Necrophiliac Experience".
This partnership was the prelude to what was happening a few years later.
In 1996 Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera decided to resume a bizarre project by Devis Granziera called NEKROPHILIA.
After two years of work, changing the name of the project into NECROFILIA, they released a tape on Slaughter Productions entitled ‘’Sein Zum Tode’’.
The tape was made of brutal harsh noises with maniac vocal attacks.
Reprinted for the first time into LP.
All tracks were remastered from the original tape and record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve.
Deluxe silver silkscreen print on black cardboard.
Limited edition of 199 copies.

A1 Essere Per La Morte 4:43
A2 Reprise 1:36
A3 Inside Ath 3:54
A4 Tumescenza 4:41

B1 Il Corpo 3:18
B2 Distruzione E Catarsi 4:38
B3 Esame Interno Del Tronco 4:28
B4 Efil 5:10


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