LUNUS (solo project by Devis Granziera) at his beAst: monochrome stark harsh beats, anti-drone musick and melancoholick post-industrial savour.
These gloomy tracks contain the bitter taste of older Teatro Satanico recordings. There are industrial noise reverberations and echoes emerging here and there before dissolving into strands of bursts of unbridled synthetic mangling.
And subsequently wisps of alien tones and sad shadows, a blurry recall from blackest emptiness.

Comes via OLD EUROPA CAFE (cat# OECD192) as a luxurious Digipack with cover art by Italian maestro Saturno Buttò (

Tracklist :
1. Machine Begins
2. Venetian Factory
3. Fear
4. A Morgue
5. Lithium
6. Left Hand Path
7. Mann Frau Gott
8. Soli Soli Soli
9. Lesson In Sorcery
10. Nihil


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