Torturous Chapter - BLACK LEATHER JESUS

CD digipack (Old Europa Cafe OECD 278)

"Torturous Chapter" was released on OEC as a tape 25 years ago & here comes for the first time the CD version of this historical album.
Tremendous Old-Shool Industrial-Noise recorded at Spinalklast / Rust Industries - Summer 1995.
Sounds by: Richard Ramirez / Rick Baily / Kevin Ogg / Ryan Hunt.

Digital mastering and trasfer from original tape plus sound boosting by Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico / Lunus)

1. Sabotaged Communication
2. No Use
3. World As We Tolerate It
4. Center Of Balance
5. Form Of Mental Symphony
6. Aquabondage : Water Symphony
7. Final Chapter (Where Death Begins)


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