Atrax Morgue's Mörder Machine

cardboard box with 3 audio CDs, 1 DVD, 1 audiocassette and 2 postcards
cat. # OECD 250
Two reels full of unreleased Marco’s sounds was discovered after his departure by Davide Tozzoli (Davide might be better known for his solo project “N.”). Those are the very last ATRAX MORGUE sounds, a sharp, cold and uncompromising analogue testament.

Devis Granziera edited these 2 reels and the audio got released into a CD and a Music-Cassette.

Also included in the Box are the CD re-editions of the 2 MÖRDER MACHINE albums “Deathshow” and “Happy Birthdeath” this second album was previously released only as a very limited tape. 

The Box is contains also a DVD including 4 live-shows, 2 of those was filmed during 2 different CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE (the historical OLD EUROPA CAFE label-festivals) and never seen before, while the other 2 sets was previously released as VHS video-tapes in very limited editions on SLAUGHTER PRODUCTIONS.


CD1 - Happy Birthdeath

1. Living Dead
2. Night Is Coming. Forever
3. Lorna Green
4. Hell Is Here
5. Happy Birthday
6. I + M

CD2 - Deathshow

1. I'm So
2. What's A Human
3. Andei-Ice (Destructive Element)
4. I'm So (Reprise)
5. DeathShow
6. Terrortory
7. Music For Dead Brains

CD3 - Reel I

1. untitled ( 51:32 )

MC - Reel II

a. untitled ( 21:45 )
b. untitled ( 21:46 )


1. II Congresso Post Industriale (live year 2003)
2. I Congresso Post Industriale (live year 1998)
3. Another Shot at Imperium Dancing (live year 1998)
4. Imperium Dancing (live year 1995)


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