HEMOGLOBINA (book + cd compilation with Atrax Morgue, Lunus, Progetto Morte ...)

new and sealed! Book about blood related themes like human sacrifices, traditional Italian cooking recipes involving blood usage,  a feature about industrial-noise label SLAUGHTER PRODUCTIONS wrote by Davide Tozzoli (aka N. ), a feature about blood-pouring catholic folk-ritual of Vattienti in Southern Italy wrote by Stefania D'Alterio (singer of Italian neo-folk band IANUA), a paper-model for creating a paper-toy guillotine and many pop blood-dripping illustrations. Bilingual edition : Italian / English, 120 pages.

Contains cd compilation featuring selected tracks taken from '90s tape-label V.I.T.R.I.O.L. featuring Lunus (Teatro Satanico side-project), Atrax Morgue, Thee Templebeat, Mangled (disbanded side project with Gianfranco Santoro of Final Muzik and Devis G. of Teatro Satanico), Bass Tards! (disbanded project with Stefano Biasin, Luigi Russolo of Therabaqud Leic and Devis G. all together playing bass guitars only!), Therabaqud Leic, Progetto Morte (Atrax Morgue side project), Dead Body Love and Submission Journey (disbanded project with Stefano Biasin, Gianfranco Santoro, Luigi Russolo and Devis G.)


Lunus - K.N.K.             
Atrax Morgue - Exciting Aberration        
Thee Templebeat – Der Mussolini   
Mangled  –  Soul Winter
Bass Tards! –     Automatic Dissection
Therabaqud Leic –     Mirror Rorrim
Progetto Morte – Progetto Morte
Lunus + Therabaqud Leic –  Perdurabo
Dead Body Love – Bacteria
Submission Journey – Submission Journey


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