audioCDr - 2009

VENETO is our last Venetian spoken album. Even its notes have been written in Venetian language. 

Teatro Satanico started many years ago to investigate and to use Venetian language for releasing post-industrial-noise art-works.
Nowadays such kind of traditional&folk languages employ seems to be topical, expecially among the neo-folk scene, but years ago only English language ruled among all the indie-scenes and even the more common Italian language use has been somehow seen as a sort of “heresy” by the noise-aficionados, as it could be easily proved by those many and many discs and cassettes done during the ‘80s and the ‘90s.
This will be the very last album where we used Venetian language, we are not going to do it anymore, and we wanted to dedicate this final Venetian art-work to Luigi Russolo, the experimental noise-composer, the author of the 1913 Futurist manifesto “L’arte dei Rumori” (“The Art of Noises”), one of the first theorist of electronic music, who was born in our Veneto-land.

VENETO has been released in 50 numbered limited edition copies and it contains 5 tracks for a 59 mins circa total-lenght.
The disc is a printed back-black audio-CDr packaged inside an aluminium box, on its lid there's "our little devil", a real neolithic cave art scratch in Val D’Assa, a Venetian mountain site.

There are also 3 cards included with Venetian language written notes. On the bottom of the box there’s an hand-made black-real-nail-painting that differs from copy to copy, making this object a very unique and unrepeatable art-object. DeViS deviLs g. took inspiration for releasing such nail-paintings from the collection of the ancient bronze writing-styluses exhibited in the Archaeolagical Museum of Este ( http://musei.provincia.padova.it/portale/Scheda_Museo.aspx?cod_museo=6 ). Those styluses, looking de facto like nails, were part of the REITIA cult, the female goddess that was the supreme deity of the ancient Venetian Pantheon, since according to ancient paleo-Venetian myths she was the goddess that gave alphabet and writing to mankind.

About the tracks:
“VEN ANON” and “VENEZIANO ANONIMO” somehow took inspiration from the 1970 soundtrack composed by Stelvio Cipriani for the movie “Anonimo Veneziano” directed by Enrico Maria Salerno.
“Veneto Industrial” is a remix of the track that previously appeared on the “Red Box” and later on “The Old Europa Cafe” box set compilation
“Venexian Anonimo” contains lyrics written and perfomed by Kalamun in Venetian language, even though maybe very few ones will notice it.
“Reitia” is a totally unpluged track played with flutes, pot-drums, woods and real deer-horns. Originally this track should have to be part of a movie by L. Bolzan entitled “Dea” (Goddess), an unreleased movie she wanted to produce about ancient neolithic inhabitants of our Venetian lands.


FBRZ (violin 3 and 5)
A+B (synth-drones 3)
DeViS deviLs g.