Pan ist Tod

vinyl 10” EP - 2007
Old Europa Cafe (Italia), catalog number OEMP012

Limited handnumbered edition to 333 copies.
Black vinyl 10” release containing 4 quasi neo-folk tunes.
Anti-militaristic concept mini-album inspired by the actual “Peter Pan” grave on Monte Grappa.
L. Bolzan wrote "Can Mort" lyrics, dedicated to her beloved rottweiller dog who died during the same days of the recording-sessions of these songs.
Stefano "Sissy" Biasin wrote and vocal-performed "Soldati" lyrics.

First record of Teatro Satanico featuring Kalamun !


deviLs g.
b3 (a.k.a. Kalamun)
A.M.Kundalini (vocals on "Pan")
Ari (vocals on "Peter Pan")
Sissy Biasin (vocals on "Soldati")

  1. Peter Pan
  2. Pan
  3. Can mort
  4. Soldati