vinyl 7” EP - 2002
Sotto Mondo Edizioni (Italia), catalog number UW2002A - 15.00 €

Black vinyl 7” EP release enclosed in DIMONIA, a thick magazine published by Sotto Mondo Edizioni.

The lyrics of "El Diaul" and "El Chamuco" (composed by deviLs g.) are exactly the same one text.
Anyway "El Diaul" (The Devil) comes in "Friul" dialect, a language spoken only in far North-Eastern Italy, by Tairy Ceron, who was born in Friul countryside.
"El Chamuco" has been recited in a dialect spoken in Mexico-City by Edwin Salas, a Mexican puppeteer working both in Italy and Mexico as "Brujerias de Papel" (Witchcrafts of Paper) puppet-company.

These tracks are absolutely not industrial-noise ones but "Satanic-electro-house-musick" tunes!

This because of we were asked to supply some Satanic musick as supplement to the themes dealt by Dimonia magazine, but we did not want to do it according the usual death-industrial cliche.

Magazine (120 pages paperback) contains astonishing full-colour pictures of Saturno Buttò oil-paintings (www.saturnobutto.com).


Devils G. (a.k.a. Devis deviLs Granziera)
IF (aka Ivan Ferrazzi)
Giorgio Ricci (mastering and engineering)
Alberto Maria Kundalini (back-vocals on "L.U.W.")
Tairy Ceron (vocals on "El Diaul")
Edwin Salas (vocals on "El Chamuco")
Davide Faranda (back-vocals on "L.U.W.")

Cover-art by Saturno Buttò

  1. L.U.W.
  2. El Diaul
  3. El Chamuco