KHEM nessuna redenzione

full lenght album , digipack cd released by NAKED LUNCH Records (cat.: NLR009CD)

A mix between sonic poetry and industrial ritualistic music, the beat-driven new Khem's album "Nessuna Redenzione" offers a powerful sensorial experience lead by the sharp recital of Collettivo's vocalist Cosimo helped by Devis Granziera of the renowned italian act Teatro Satanico. Cover art by Valerio "Leg" 


1 Nuova Ekonomia  
2 Generazionale    
3 Uomini O Bestie    
4 Quarta Via    
5 Etico    
6 Nostro Malgrado    
7 Urla (In Cerca Di Bocca)   
8 Almighty God



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