Vita Ignes : Corpus Lignum - Winter Solstice 2011

free download mp3 compilation - 2011

in this time ov greatest darkness- when thee presence ov warmth and illumination feels so absent, and the fear ov an ever-increasing void feels so incredibly near; these gifts are offered towards those few seeking their magnificent splendors as perchance tokens ov rememberance for this difficult phase that we must pass through in our journeys towards thee hopefull re-emergence ov thee source ov that which fills thee void and decreases thee cold and darkness- if only for a short bit further along these cyclical paths which perchance spiral inward or away... (crepusculum)

free downloadable mp3 compilation featuring a track by Teatro Satanico:

WITH A GALLON OF LYSOL came out from remixing LYSOL, a track included in "Disco Cianciulli"