Mephitic Coitus

audio-cassette - 1994
BV Tapes (U. K.), catalog number BV04

Nylon bag with a white paper A5 booklet containing original Italian lyrics, their English translations and related-theme pictures, and another small nylon bag with the audio-cassette wrapped inside a kind of paper belt. "Mephitic coitus" title was suggested by B. Fuller, owner of BV Tapes ( maybe a reference to that track of our that appeared on 1993 BV Tapes compilation "Pornography"?) who also supplied some of those booklet pictures and edited the artwork.
"Cerimonia" lyrics have been written by Walter Piano, who few years later co-founded "Progetto Morte" together with Marco Corbelli.

Later re-releases came with slightly different artworks


Devil God (a.k.a. Devis deviLs g.)
A. Maria Kundalini

  1. Sperma
  2. Sesso, Droga Ed Industrial
  3. Contro La Mia Lingua
  4. Cerimonia
  5. Coito Di Schiavi