Mephitic Coitus vhs

video-cassette - 2004
no-label (Italia)

VHS PAL video-tape release limited to 23 copies with handmade front-cover, so every single copy differs from each other.

Edited and done by Stefano "Sissy" Biasin after ten years of the original "Mephitic Coitus" cassette album release.

For this video "Sissy" Biasin added some vintage 60s/70s porn movies visuals, supplied by his own super-8 reels collection, to "Mephitic Coitus" album-tracks.

Thanx to Mike De Mattei and Crepusculum from USA, Toshi from Japan and Michael W. from Fermany for having sent us scans the MEPHITIC COITUS vhs collage art-works from their own private Teatro Satanico's memorabilia collection.


Alberto Maria Kundalini
Devis DeV deviLs g.
Visuals by Sissy Biasin

  1. Sperma
  2. Sesso, Droga Ed Industrial
  3. Contro La Mia Lingua
  4. Cerimonia
  5. Coito Di Schiavi